Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 4: Ringgold and the Law brothers

I stopped by the Ringgold football team’s summer camp at Cal U’s Roadman Park today and found out a little more about the Rams, who must replace the Observer-Reporter Player of the Year in quarterback Quad Law.

After what appears to be a one-year platoon with senior Chris Spahr, it looks as though the heir to the throne is Quad Law’s younger brother, Nico, who’s a sophomore and will start at cornerback this season for Ringgold.

Third-year coach Matt Humbert said it’s Spahr’s job to lose – for now – and he has no problem playing both quarterbacks. Long-term, he expects Nico Law to be every bit as good as his older brother. He just doesn’t want to, in the words of Dennis Green, crown him yet.

“Ideally, you want to have one quarterback; it just makes life easier,” Humbert said. “But to me, this is a perfect situation because they have similar skill sets. They’re both smart kids; they know the entire offense that we have in right now, which isn’t an easy thing to do.

“The luxury for me is that if one of them goes down, we don’t skip a beat. It’s not like this kid has a certain package or that one can’t do something. They know everything in the offense. They run the same things.”

And Nico?

“He has all the potential to surpass Quad,” Humbert said.

Now don’t think this is a coach throwing his former player under the bus. According to wide receiver Joey Wall, who’s cousins with the Law brothers, Quad (real name: Percy) Law agrees with Humbert.

“He thinks [Nico] will be better than him,” Wall said. “He thinks he’s going to show him up.”

Should be interesting considering Quad Law, who’s now a wide receiver at NCAA Division II Gannon University, ran for 1,310 yards and 15 touchdowns on 124 carries while completing 28 of 65 passes for 624 yards and three touchdowns.

“And Nico is taller than his brother was, so he can actually see over the line,” Wall joked. “Quad’s 5-foot-7, Nico is 5-10. Nico can actually see me on those fade routes.”

Other notes from Ringgold’s camp:

>>Ringgold should have an experienced and fairly sizable offense line. Check out this group, which averages 6-foot-2, 228 pounds:

Sr. T Jeremy Saternos (6-2, 220)
Sr. T Chase Colucci (6-1, 216)
Sr. G Nygel Vann (5-9, 250)
Jr. G Nick Trocano (6-2, 225)
Sr. C Matt Devenney (5-10, 230)

“Everything goes in cycles,” Humbert said. “This is our line year.”

>>Ringgold, which went 8-3 overall and 6-1 in the WPIAL Class AAA Keystone Conference a season ago, will hope to not lose in the playoffs to Central Valley this year.

After winning their first playoff game since 1999 with a 14-10 victory over Highlands in the WPIAL Class AAA first round, the Rams fell to Central Valley, 44-28, in the quarterfinals. Two years ago, Ringgold lost to the Warriors, 21-13, in the first round, spoiling an undefeated regular season.

>>Running back Demetrious Lewis is one of the more underrated running backs in Class AAA. He ran for 578 yards and 12 touchdowns last fall, but expect those numbers to increase as he steps into a larger role because of Quad Law’s departure.

>>Ringgold’s camp is held at Roadman Park, which is next to Cal U’s Adamson Stadium, the same field where Humbert quarterbacked the Vulcans a number of years ago.

One, this has to be cool for Humbert, to coach at his alma mater for five days. But it also must be a nice reprieve for the players, who get to live at Vulcan Village – the school’s dorm/apartment building down the street – for a week.

“It’s a good thing to get away, but you start to miss it,” Lewis said. “You start to miss home, your bed, your family, some friends at home. But it’s good to get away.”

I asked Lewis whether Humbert tries to block them from technology, specifically Twitter.

“I hope he never does that,” Lewis said, laughing. “I would die without Twitter.”

Many would, Demetrious. Many would.

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