Saturday, September 8, 2012

Breaking down Monessen's breakdown

Mr. Niklas, you ask ... and you shall receive. Morning, all. If you haven't read Joey's comment, do so. Good stuff analyzing -- and caring -- about Monessen/Brentwood last night, which was one of the more entertaining football games I've seen in this business.

Odd, too.

In the first half, Monessen was rolling. Chavas Rawlins completed 5 of 9 passes for 194 yards, including a pair of long balls to Clintell Gillespie.

That mojo must have stayed in the locker room, however.

Factoring in penalties, Monessen had minus-19 yards of total offense in the second half, with consecutive false start infractions and an intentional grounding call.

Also zero first downs, a blocked punt -- the second of the game for the Greyhounds -- and Rawlins completed one of his 10 pass attempts for 11 yards.

He also threw an interception and ran four times for minus-3 yards, which includes a sack on second down of Monessen's second series of the third quarter.

Broken down, Rawlins' numbers look like this:

First half: 5-9, 194 yards, 2 TD ... 10 carries, 59 yards, TD
Second half: 1-10, 11 yards, 1 INT, four carries, -3 yards
Total: 6-19, 205 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 14 carries, 56 yards, TD

My apologies on the statistical differences between this and my game story in today's Observer-Reporter.

In the rush to make deadline -- I wrote the bulk of my story from atop a roof, kneeling on the ground as I hacked away on this thing -- I gave Rawlins an eight-yard completion when it was, in fact, an eight-yard mark-off for the intentional grounding penalty.

I love what Rawlins said after the game about his teammates picking him up:

"They’re giving me relief," Rawlins said. "I throw an interception, and they get it right back. I’m proud of my boys. I’m going to be sure to thank them."

As Mt. Niklas pointed out, Vickless is a heck of a player. Finished with 33 carries for 197 yards and two touchdowns -- one rushing, one receiving. No doubt this would be one awesome playoff game should the teams meet again.

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