Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From Dugie's Desk: Week 2

Judging by last week's web numbers, the Week 1 version of this post was pretty darn popular, with plenty of folks wanting to know what games we'll be staffing.

Well, here we are, back for another week. And apparently the Observer-Reporter still trusts me enough to send me out somewhere.

I'll be covering our Game of the Week, which has an off-the-field storyline we'd probably all prefer didn't exist, the banana suit/racism debacle that cropped up at a February basketball game between the two schools.

But on the field, Monessen and Brentwood appear to be two of the best teams in the loaded Class A Black Hills, each led by a Division I recruits -- Monessen QB Chavas Rawlins (WVU) and Brentwood TE Mike Kish (Akron).

Should be fun. Here's the schedule, with a brief comment by each.

Monessen (1-0, 1-0) at Brentwood (1-0, 1-0), 7:30, Mackey
>>I've been told security will be three times as large as usual ... for an entire athletic season at Brentwood. A circus-like atmosphere with plenty of security and ceremonies/pow-wows/meet-and-greets/all that stuff, yes, but there's also going to be a really meaningful football game played Friday night.

Avella (1-0, 1-0) at West Greene (1-0, 1-0), 7:30, Joe Tuscano
>>One of these teams will walk away 2-0 ... no seriously. Look above. Tuscano couldn't be more excited to get this game and lobbied hard for it as a Game of the Week. Valid point, but there's too many other stuff surrounding the Brentwood/Monessen game in my mind.

Washington (1-0, 1-0) at Southmoreland (0-1, 0-1), 7, freelancer John Sacco
>>Wash High looked good at GCC, especially running back Shai McKenzie, who finished with 209 yards and three TDs. Watch for the backfield tandem of McKenzie and fullback Jaylin Kelly to get more attention as the season wears on.

Upper St. Clair (1-0, 1-0) at Canon-McMillan (0-1, 0-1), 7:30, freelancer Matt Shetler
>>The Big Macs came within a touchdown of upsetting Penn Hills last week. Upper St. Clair, meanwhile, spotted Woodland Hills 12 points ... then scored the next 31 to win. Maybe the Big Macs won't trip over the night stand the way Woodland Hills did?

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