Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jeff-Morgan gets defensive

Tomorrow will be the first installment of my for-print high school football notebook, but check back here over the next few days for longer versions of things that appear in the dead-tree version.

More quotes, more info and, as my mother-in-law would say, more of everything.

The first thing I wanted to expound upon a bit was from one of the games we staffed: Carmichaels at Jefferson-Morgan, which the Rockets won, 21-14.

Yes, I know Jan Haiden -- the longtime Jefferson-Morgan head coach -- was on the opposing sideline as a Carmichaels assistant. Got that. It was also Liam Ryan's head coaching debut at Jefferson-Morgan, one of debuts around the area this weekend. But let's talk about the kids here.

With the game on the line, Jefferson-Morgan free safety Logan Bowman brought down Carmichaels running back Josh Mundell about a yard shy of the goal line. I called Ryan earlier today to talk about this play and learn a little bit more about how it went down.

Ryan said Carmichaels was lined up in a trips (three wide receivers to one side) formation, with Mundell as the inside receiver. It was a short pass -- call it a slip screen -- that's often predicated on making a defensive back miss. Only problem was Bowman didn't.

"Logan Bowman made a phenomenal tackle," Ryan said. "It was an impressive play because they hadn't shown that formation all night or in our previous films. I told him it probably was the tackle of a lifetime.

"It reminded me Mike Jones tackling Kevin Dyson in the Super Bowl," Ryan said, referring to the St. Louis linebacker's touchdown-saving tackle on a slant route to end Super Bowl XXXIV.

There was another impressive defensive performance in this game, too, the second consecutive year Jefferson-Morgan has forced Carmichaels into four or more turnovers.

Dustin Conti, a 6-2, 185-pound senior who's a running back and defensive end that Ryan converted from linebacker, finished with 14 tackles and two sacks.

Oh, and he rushed for 116 yards, including a 57-yard run off-tackle at the start of the third quarter that got the Rockets going.

"It was a monster game all-around for him," Ryan said of Conti.

More might be nice, too: With Monessen moving to the Class A Black Hills Conference, Jefferson-Morgan has already knocked off one of the team's expected to compete for the conference title.

The Rockets meet the others -- Frazier and Beth-Center -- consecutively in Weeks 5 and 6, on the road Sept. 28 and then back at home Oct. 5.

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