Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some gems from Carmichaels coach John Menhart

If I want a burrito, I'm going to Chipotle. If I want a burger, I'm going to Five Guys. And if I want a quote, I'm calling Carmichaels football coach John Menhart. The man is full of 'em.

I called Menhart yesterday to chat about his team bouncing back from a Week 1 loss to rival Jefferson-Morgan and knocking off one of the expected playoff teams in the Class A Tri-County South, Frazier, 28-14.

"This was a real big week for us," Menhart said. "We have another test coming this week with Beth-Center, so it was almost like a must-win situation.

"Heck, every week is a must-win. What's the difference if you beat Monessen, then lose to whoever is last in conference? You're still 1-1. But this week was a big week."

You can't blame Menhart for feeling that way. And, as a reporter, you have to love his honesty.

Carmichaels does have it tough out of the gate, opening with Jefferson-Morgan, Frazier and Beth-Center, this past week and the next against 2011 playoff teams, opening against a team in Jefferson-Morgan that appears plenty capable of reaching the postseason this fall.

"If you look at the conference, our toughest three games are the first three," Menhart said. "That being said, we didn't want to come out of that 0-3. Now we're not going to."

Menhart went on to talk about the Forfeit Factor, how Frazier was off in Week 1 because Geibel didn't have enough players for the first two weeks of the season and couldn't play.

The same thing will happen this week when Carmichaels plays Beth-Center, which had an off week last week because it had Geibel on the schedule.

"We were better off coming off of a loss to Jefferson-Morgan than Frazier was coming off a forfeit win," Menhart said. "That hurt them Friday night, no doubt about it. Our kids didn't have to deal with that first-game fatigue."

You will read a little more about running back Josh Mundell in tomorrow's high school football notebook, but Mundell's complement, junior Brennan McMinn, has been pretty darn important, too. McMinn ran for 42 yards against Frazier, including a 25-yard touchdown that gave the Mikes a 20-0 edge at halftime.

"Brennan McMinn is just as capable [as Mundell]," Menhart said. "He spells him a lot. We tell the kids that there's only statistic that counts, and that's why we have a scoreboard."


  1. Moe's beats Chipotle, hands down. Better selection and quality. Went to a Chipotle once and wasn't a fan.

    "Welcome to Moe's!!!"

    Definitely a fan of Liam Ryan at Jeff Morgan. Two nice wins. Nice start for FC grad.

  2. Can we please hold off on crowning Coach Ryan the next best thing? Everyday I pick up his paper he is in here. Let's keep this in perspective. He is 2-0 in the worst conference in America. He was outplayed by Carmichaels but got fortunate with turnovers and Bentworth is just a joke. The bad thing is, JM will probably win 7, 8 or 9 games with Mapletown, Vincentian, Avella and West Greene left on the schedule, not to mention the Geibel forfeit. How about we wait until the play-offs to see what he is really all about?