Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clarifying the Class A bracket

Well, not really. Probably just adding to the confusion.

In Class A, Jefferson-Morgan was seeded No. 4. Or was it No. 13? It's been tough to get a straight answer.

The Rockets are in the "spot" where a No. 4 seed would be, except that it's three spots ahead of Beth-Center, which beat Jefferson-Morgan by 31 points this season and won the Tri-County South title. J-M is also playing a team -- Neshannock -- which finished tied for first in the Big Seven Conference.

I called the WPIAL office a few minutes ago for clarification and learned ... nothing.

"You figure it out," executive director Tim O'Malley told me. "We only create the matchups. The seeding is for you guys [the media and probably everyone else] to figure out."

OK, so what if I figured out that Clairton and North Allegheny were No. 13 seeds? Think anyone would look at me like I'm crazy?

It seems the seeding means something when it's the No. 1 overall teams, but then mutates a bit deeper in the bracket; clearly we can't be sticking to "seeding" and putting Jefferson-Morgan ahead of the Tri-County South champion. Right? Anyone?

I think the answer here is this: The ultimate goal is to create matchups and the most desirable path to Heinz Field for the more successful teams during the regular season ... and I think that's what O'Malley was getting at.

Even though by adhering to the "seeding" that we all worry about, Beth-Center has a more desirable first-round matchup (Union, fourth in the Big Seven) than Jefferson-Morgan, even though the number next to J-M on a lot of people's brackets might be prettier.

But here's the confusion: Let's say both Jefferson-Morgan and Beth-Center win ... Beth-Center could face No. 2 Sto-Rox in the quarterfinals -- assuming no upsets here -- and Jefferson-Morgan would get No. 5 Monessen? Who's path is easier now?

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  1. Jefferson Morgan must be the #13 seed. They get a home game and are put at the top of the bracket due to finishing second in the Tri-county south. They would not be seeded ahead of Beth Center, the conference winner