Friday, October 12, 2012

Video: Wash High's Shai McKenzie

Thanks, Verizon, for requiring the upload of this video to take nearly an hour.

But what the extra time did do was allow me to:

1. Watch the Nationals blow a two-run lead. Sad stuff. I used to live in D.C. and worked part-time for the Nationals. Still know a few people who work for the team. Was definitely pulling for them to make a run. Um, not now.

2. Consider Shai McKenzie's night at Mt. Pleasant, weigh the positives and negatives, figure out what I thought.

The result of No. 2? Wow. Awesome. And it took even less time than No. 1.

McKenzie carried a season-high 28 times during Wash High's 34-14 win, something I thought might happen in this must-win game, and Nos. 24-28 were better than Nos. 1-23. Very impressive stuff. Here's some video of my postgame interview with McKenzie.

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