Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week 7 plan/stats

Doubtful we'll field too many complaints, but this post comes a day early this week. A ton of stuff going on tomorrow, with a cross-country meet at Mingo Creek and PT boys soccer at Upper St. Clair.

And that's just me.

Joe Tuscano will handle your WPIAL team golf duties at Cedarbrook, with Chris Dugan in the office, Dale Lolley at Steelers. Anyway, that's the breakdown of Thursday. Here's the breakdown of who will be where on Friday:

Wash High at Mount Pleasant, 7: Mackey
-Prexies (6-0, 6-0) bounced the Vikings (5-1, 5-1)  in the first round of the playoffs last year. Vikings lost to Jeannette on a failed two-point conversion attempt last week. Winner essentially takes Class AA Interstate Conference title.

Char-Houston at California, 7:30: Kevin Jacobsen
-Bucs (2-4, 2-4) need to win out and get some help to make the playoffs. A 36-16 win last week over Carlynton was a confidence-builder, and this should be another one of those heading into a HUGE game against Monessen in Week 8. Gotta love the Class A Black Hills Conference.

Carmichaels at Avella, 7:30: Chris Dugan
-The bubble burst for Avella (4-1, 5-1) last week with a 20-13 loss to Frazier, but making it two in a row with Beth-Center looming won't do much for the mojo built up with the Eagles' 5-0 start. Couple great backs here: Carmichaels Josh Mundell and Avella's Nick Kusich and Jake Temple.

Ringgold at Elizabeth Forward, 7:30: Matt Shetler
-At the beginning of the season, this hardly seemed like a big game. But new/old Warriors coach Mike LeDonne has rejuvenated the program in his second stint at EF (3-3, 3-3). Rams (4-2, 4-2) in the driver's seat for No. 3 spot in Class AAA Big Nine. Ringgold RB Demetrius Louis should return from the groin injury that forced him out last week.

Rushing Leaders
1. Shai McKenzie, Was           81-1,026-17
2. Mike Minjock, PT               10-812-14
3. James Duchi, McG 116-777-4
4. Josh Mundell, Carm 75-771-12
5. Dustin Conti, J-M 83-760-7
6. Koltan Kobrys, FC 104-731-3
7. Demetrius Louis, Ring 53-723-9
8. Patrick Frey, Trin               94-565-8
9. Ben Carlisle, Bent 75-512-5
10. Nick Kusich, Avella 68-508-7

Passing Leaders
1. Brett Brumbaugh, SF         82-124-1,582-22
2. Kaleb Susko, C-H 49-90-712-5
3. Chavas Rawlins, Mon         30-74-653-8
4. Gino Faieta, B-C                   39-64-558-4
5. Santino Paris, Avella 28-61-552-5
6. Kevin Ridgley, Map 35-67-540-6
7. Dalton Wildman, WG 25-58-442-5
8. Brennan Matthews, Char 38-69-460-5
9. Matt Heslin, FC 35-69-455-7
10. Tyler Bowman, J-M 14-33-429-5

Receiving Leaders
1. Zach Challingsworth, SF 30-635-8
2. Clinetell Gillespie, Mon 13-41-5
3. Zach Thompson, Avella 15-413-5
4. Justin Watson, SF 17-380-6
5. Jordan Griffin, Map 21-346-3
6. Conner Beck, SF 18-319-2
7. Anthony Gilpin, B-C 14-305-4
8. Garrett Vulcano, C-H 16-287-3
0. Eric Johnson, Char 19-279-1
10. Nic Santoyo, J-M 11-278-4 

Scoring Leaders
1. Shai McKenzie, Was            18-4-0-112
2. Josh Mundell, Carm 13-10-0-88
3. Mike Minjock, PT 14-0-0-84
4. Matt Riggle, B-C 11-0-0-66
5. Demetrius Louis, Ring 10-4-0-64
6. Jake Temple, Avella 10-0-0-60
7. Chavas Rawlins, Mon 9-2-0-56
T-8. Clintell Gillespie, Mon 8-6-0-54
T-8. Zach Challingsworth, SF 9-0-0-54
9. Nick Kusich, Avella              7-0-0-49
T-10. Cody Durant, B-C           8-0-0-48
T-10. Brian Coyne, SF             0-36-4-48
T-10. Patrick Frey, Trin         8-0-0-48

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