Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 8 stats/plan

Will be following this post with my usual preview one, either later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

But here's the list of statistical leaders that will run in Friday's Observer-Reporter, as well as our coverage plan for Friday night:

Rushing Leaders
1. Shai McKenzie, Was 109-1,322-20
2. Josh Mundell, Carm 92-980-14
3. James Duchi, McG 148-948-6
4. Mike Minjock, PT 126-884-13
5. Dustin Conti, J-M 94-853-10
6. Demetrius Louis, Ring 56-734-9
7. Koltan Kobrys, FC 104-731-3
8. Cody Durant, B-C 69-665-9
9. Patrick Frey, Trinity 109-640-8
10. Nick Kusich, Avella 79-535-7

Passing Leaders
1. Brett Brumbaugh, SF 92-133-1,803-28
2. Kaleb Susko, C-H 55-100-835-7
3. Chavas Rawlins, Mon 39-93-818-9
4. Santino Paris, Avella 37-83-708-6
5. Gino Faieta, B-C 47-87-659-4
6. Kevin Ridgley, Map 35-67-540-6
7. Brennan Matthews, Char 42-78-501-5
8. Matt Heslin, FC 40-74-480-8
9. Don McWreath, Trin 21-61-455-4
10. Tyler Bowman, J-M 14-33-429-5

Receiving Leaders
1. Zach Challingsworth, SF 33-768-10
2. Zach Thompson, Avella 18-460-5
3. Clintell Gillespie, Mon 16-468-5
4. Justin Watson, SF 19-405-7
5. Jordan Griffin, Map 23-368-3
6. Eric Johnson, Char 22-322-1
7. Conner Beck, SF 18-319-2
8. Miles Williamson, C-H 19-306-4
9. Anthony Gilpin, B-C 14-305-4
10. Garrett Vulcano, C-H 16-287-3

Scoring Leaders
1. Shai McKenzie, Was 21-8-0-134
2. Josh Mundell, Carm 15-18-0-108
3. Mike Minjock, PT 15-0-0-90
T-4. Matt Riggle, B-C 11-0-0-66
T-4. Zach Challingsworth, SF 11-0-0-66
5. Demetrius Louis, Ring 10-4-0-64
T-6. Jake Temple, Avella 10-0-0-60
T-6. Dustin Conti, J-M 10-0-0-60
T-6. Cody Durant, B-C 10-0-0-60
7. Chavas Rawlins, Mon 9-2-0-56

Chartiers-Houston (3-4, 3-4) at Monessen (6-1, 6-1), 7 p.m. -- Mackey
The story: Chartiers-Houston has had its back against the wall for two weeks now, and the Bucs have won both games. Much, much tougher test this week. Count on some scoreboard watching: The Bucs need a win and a Brentwood loss, and the Spartans host Bishop Canevin on Friday.

Woodland Hills (4-2, 5-2) at Peters Township (3-3, 4-3), 7:30 p.m. -- Matt Shetler
The story: As of now, the Indians are in with the No. 5 spot in the Class AAAA Southeastern Conference, but they also don't want to sacrifice seeding or squander that spot to Penn Hills, which is also 3-3 in the conference. Tough game against a traditional power in Class AAAA.

West Mifflin at Trinity, 7:30 p.m. -- Kevin Jacobsen
The story: Trinity can really make a mess of the Class AAA Big Nine Conference with a win here. It's also a possible trap game for the Titans, who play at Thomas Jefferson next week. Hillers can clinch the No. 3 seed with a win and a Ringgold loss; otherwise it comes down to the Week 9 meeting between those two teams.

Keystone Oaks at McGuffey, 7:30 p.m. -- Joe Tuscano
The story: McGuffey, which is 2-16 the past two years, has a legitimate shot at a playoff spot. The Highlanders (2-4, 3-4) need to beat winless KO and then win at Steel Valley (4-2, 4-3) next week. Oh, and South Park needs to lose to Seton-La Salle and South Fayette the last two weeks.

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