Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More from Challingsworth

Following up on the news from last night ... I talked to South Fayette's Zach Challingsworth a little bit ago and found out that he will skip basketball season to rest a sports hernia injury that he had been dealing with for the final two games of the football season.

Challingsworth said details of the injury were a little bit sketchy since he hasn't had an MRI -- that will happen this week, likely Wednesday -- and doctors should know more after that.

One thing he mentioned was a tear in abdomen, maybe the abdominal wall. Though I'm not a doctor, neither is he, and that's really shoddy conjecture.

The point is that South Fayette's boys basketball team will be without its leading scorer from a season ago, a first team All-District pick who averaged 15.2 points per game.

Challingsworth did say there's an outside change he could return, but he wasn't optimistic at all regarding that scenario.

Some quotes that may or may not make my for-print story:

Where this came from

"I knew something was wrong. I played the last two games, and I knew something was hurt. I tried to get treatment on it, but it’s kind of hurts to miss my senior year [of basketball]."

The if-he-could-he-would side
"I know what some people say about not wanting to twist an ankle or something like that, but if I was healthy, I’d be out there. I want to be out there with my teammates.”

What to do now
“It’s going to be weird. It’s the first time I haven’t something to do after school my entire high school career. But I’m definitely not going to be a stranger to the basketball program. I’m going to be around with the guys.”

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