Monday, January 28, 2013

Examining Section 5-AA (boys hoops)

Back at it with a closer look at Section 5-AA in boys hoops. Will jump over to girls basketball after tonight's results are in.

California 9-0
Charleroi 8-1
Brownsville 7-2
Beth-Center 4-5
Bentworth 3-6
Jefferson-Morgan 2-6
Frazier 2-6
West Greene 0-9

*California has one-possession wins over Charleroi (55-52 on 1/15) and Brownsville (51-49 on 12/20)
**A win for the Trojans Tuesday at Bentworth will clinch a playoff spot without needing to invoke a tiebreaker

Remaining: Bentworth, Brownsville, West Greene, Beth-Center, Charleroi (22-23, .489)
***Two key dates: vs. Brownsville on Wednesday; at Charleroi on Feb. 8.

Remaining: Brownsville, West Greene, Frazier, Jefferson-Morgan, California (20-23, .465)
***That 48-43 home loss to South Allegheny last Wednesday still confuses me. I know the loss of Sheldon Linneman hurt, but the Gladiators are 2-7, 6-12.

Remaining: Charleroi, California, Beth-Center, Bentworth, Frazier (26-18, .591)
***Other section loss was at Charleroi, 55-52 on 1/4 ... while I don't think the Falcons are on the same level as California -- or Charleroi, for that matter -- I don't think they're in danger of relinquishing the No. 3 spot.

West Greene, Brownsville, California, Bentworth, Jefferson-Morgan (21-23, .477)
***Have to consider the Bulldogs the front-runner for the No. 4 spot; they could finish 7-7 with wins over West Greene, Bentworth and Jefferson-Morgan, all that would be according to chalk.

California, Jefferson-Morgan, Brownsville, Frazier, Beth-Center (24-19, .558)
***Because of losses to Jefferson-Morgan and Beth-Center during a stretch where the Bearcats lost seven of eight, Bentworth is going to need to beat Jefferson-Morgan, Frazier and Beth-Center, plus steal one against either California or Beth-Center to have a chance at 7-7.

*Frazier (2), Bentworth, Charleroi, West Greene (15-28, .349)
*Rockets are leading Frazier, 61-55, with 2:18 left in the fourth quarter of a game that was stopped three weeks ago because of a leak in the roof. Will be replayed, along with the regularly scheduled game, at Frazier on Tuesday
***The remaining opponents' winning percentage looks enticing, but the hole may be too deep. A pair of Frazier wins puts Jefferson-Morgan at 4-6 ahead of games against Bentworth, Charleroi and West Greene. Assume wins over Bentworth and Greene, and that's still six wins with Charleroi looming. Rockets, like Bentworth, will need to steal one to give themselves a chance to get in.

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