Saturday, February 9, 2013

C-H volleyball coach has job opened

Count this among the more calm -- yet obscure -- job openings I've ever seen.

Chartiers-Houston has opened the head volleyball coach job that Lori Levers stepped into last year, despite the fact that Levers led the Bucs to the first WPIAL playoff win in program history.

From what I learned Saturday, this is because when Tom Kurtz abruptly left about a week before the 2012 season, Chartiers-Houston was never able to post the job for as long as it would have liked; Levers, an assistant the past few years, took over in a pinch.

"No one was displeased with what Lori did," athletic director Kurt Kesneck said. "She did a great job this year. But (the school board) basically wanted to open it up and see if there were any other applicants out there.

"As Lori has stated -- everyone has -- we want what's best for Chartiers-Houston volleyball. Lori could be the one who gets the position at the end of it."

Or she couldn't. Either way, that's fine with Levers, a mom of three whose middle daughter, Lacey, will be a freshman at Duquesne this coming fall. Here's a link to a story I did on Lacey Levers a few months ago.

Levers oldest daughter, Ashley is pregnant (due in June), and Lori Levers said she'd be just as happy to sit in the stands and cheer -- both at Chartiers-Houston and Duquesne -- as she would calling plays. Kylee Levers, the youngest of the three, will be a sophomore this fall.

"Whatever decision the district makes, obviously I'll support it," Lori Levers said. "And I'll still be a mom in the program. My kid will still know how to play."

Kudos to Levers, who works as an instructional aide at Allison Park Elementary School in the Chartiers-Houston School District, for being so relaxed about the whole thing. And I'm fine with what Chartiers-Houston is doing, too; the Bucs have every right to get the best candidate for the job.

One thing Kesneck and Levers both told me goes something like this: They both want someone who can coach. If that's an outsider, cool. If that's Levers, cool. Regardless, whatever helps the kids.

"I don't think it's ideal to coach your child, and that's why I never wanted to be the head coach," Lori Levers said. "I just think that if we could find someone else that would be great. By the same token, I don't want to put six kids on the court and rotate around until you lose.

"I don't have an ego at all. I just want to do right by the kids."

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