Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Too little too late for Trinity girls?

The Trinity girls basketball team had won four in a row and six of seven prior to last night's 76-35 home loss to South Park -- no shame there, either, given South Park improved to 12-0, 18-2 with the win.

But will it be enough to get the late-charging Hillers in the playoffs?

The sadly reality is likely not, barring a big-time upset, though I'm pretty sure that's why they play the games ... so cool stuff like this can happen.

Check out the Section 5-AAA standings:

South Park 12-0
South Fayette 7-4
Quaker Valley 7-4
Keystone Oaks 5-6
Moon 4-7
Trinity 4-7
Montour 0-11

Keystone Oaks will close the season with a game Thursday against Montour. The Spartans, as you can see, are winless in the section, and the Golden Eagles won, 62-28, the last time these two met.

A Keystone Oaks loss could open up the possibility for a three-way tie at 5-7, meaning all three teams would get into the playoffs.

Trinity will finish its section slate Thursday at South Fayette. That was a 13-point South Fayette win last time.

Speaking of the Lions, talked to head coach Matt Bacco yesterday about the rash of injuries his team has endured; he said he's had an optimum lineup for all of three days. "Not three games, three days," Bacco said.

Still, South Fayette will likely fall into the No. 3 slot, considering Quaker Valley won both meetings and holds the head-to-head tiebreaker. QV finishes with Moon Thursday, meaning a loss there and a win by South Fayette pushes the Lions to No. 2.

That's why they play the games, right?

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