Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rosters for Rotary Game

Earlier tonight I was out at the two practices for Friday's Washington-Greene all-star game, the Rotary Club game.

Here are the rosters for the game, which will also be in Friday's paper.

Red Team

Head coach: Don Williams (Carmichaels)
Darius Spinks, Washington
Rikwon Moore, Washington
Seth Petras, Canon-McMillan
Taylor Pasquariello, McGuffey
Cody Levine, Bentworth
Marquel Matusic, Washington
Jordan Drew, Washington
Jeremy Lucas, Fort Cherry
Jaylin Kelly, Washington
Brett Haney, Canon-McMillan
Berton Miller, Trinity
Brian Fisher, California

White Team

Head coach: Rick Bell (Canon-McMillan)
Sean Smoggie, Carmichaels
Josh Mack, Burgettstown
Sheldon Linneman, Charleroi
Kurt Kowalski, Burgettstown
Zach Miller, Beth-Center
Christian Koroly, Trinity
Caleb Reihner, McGuffey
Tyreke Brown, Fort Cherry
Tanner Huffman, California
Brenton Jones, Washington
Seth Combs, Canon-McMillan
Zachary Gr
im, West Greene


White Team

Head coach: Amanda Burchett (McGuffey)
Jessica Lovell, Trinity
Kylie Victoria, Trinity
Erica Brown, Trinity
Josie Schmidt, Ringgold
Kayla Carlini, Fort Cherry

Red Team

Head coach: Bobbi Belleville (McGuffey assistant)
Tori Foster, Chartiers-Houston
Ashley Balzer, Chartiers-Houston
Amanda Balzer, Chartiers-Houston
Julia Carlisle, Avella
Olivia English, Avella
Taylor Pompei, Bentworth

Monday, March 25, 2013

Some movement with C-M football job

Canon-McMillan is inching closer toward hiring a football coach ... or at least that's the sense I'm getting from talking to a few sources.

It's all speculation at this point -- the only thing the school has told me is that this won't be a quick thing, and that refrain has been repeated for months -- but here's what I've heard from a few reliable sources.

I've heard the interviews have been whittled from nine to four, with former Moon coach Jon Miller and Montour offensive coordinator Damon Rosol the two most popular names ... at least the two that have been brought up the most.

The interviews were to take place early this week.

Miller was Moon's coach from 2008-10. Rosol has been a longtime assistant for Lou Cerro, both at Seton-La Salle and Montour.

I've also been told there are two out-of-area candidates: former West Middlesex coach Jason McElhaney and a coach from Texas. (Unsure whether the latter is an assistant or head coach. I've also heard that one of those final two dropped out.)

Miller has the most history here, but he could be the furthest away distance-wise. He's currently an assistant coach in Florida. He also spent time at Canon-Mac and Upper St. Clair before becoming the head coach at Moon.

Stay tuned on this one. Canon-Mac's school board meets April 2, 8 and 15, with that last date being the one where a candidate -- theoretically -- would be brought before the board.

UPDATE: Received an e-mail this morning that said the Texas candidate could be former Trinity quarterback Mike Wall, once thought to be a frontrunner for the now-filled gig at his alma mater. Wall played for Tulsa, throwing for 2,206 yards and 13 touchdowns in 26 games. An interesting idea, but not one I've found to have any merit.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

More on McGuffey's new hoops coach

Mike Fatigante always knew he wanted to coach high school basketball.

Sure, three years as Mark Christner's assistant at Waynesburg University were helpful. Taught Fatigante, a former hooper at Mt. Union College, quite a bit, too. But when the McGuffey boys basketball job came open, Fatigante couldn't resist.

"I knew that I always wanted to coach at the high school level," Fatigante told me by phone on Saturday night. "(Yellow Jackets head coach) Mark Christner gave me a chance to coach in college, but I knew I wanted to be back in high school. Having the opportunity to coach at the school where you teach is a great opportunity, and I'm excited."

Fatigante was hired Thursday night. He's been a health and physical education teacher at McGuffey for the past four years -- along with stints as an assistant football and baseball coach -- and thinks that familiarity will be helpful.

"I'm pretty familiar with all the guys," Fatigante said. "Between football, baseball and having them in class, I pretty much known all of them. I think that's a little bit of an advantage for me."

After graduating from Avonworth High School in 2004 and played point guard at Mt. Union, where he played four years of hoops and three years of baseball. He graduated from Mt. Union in 2008 and started at McGuffey a year later.

The 27-year-old Fatigante doesn't have a wife or kids and resides in Canonsburg. He spent the past three years as an assistant baseball coach but won't be back in the dugout this spring. He will, however, stick with football come fall.

Fatigante said he doesn't plan to change too much from what Greg Papson did, professing a great amount of respect for his predecessor.

"Greg did a great job during the time that he was here," Fatigante said. "He brought the program along. We want to continue improving. I'm going to stress to the guys that focusing on the little things is really important. All of those things add up to success."

I asked Fatigante what types of things he'll pull from his experience at Waynesburg. 

"He did a wonderful job of getting guys to buy into what we were trying to do," Fatigante said. "I believe the season before we got there they had one or two wins and had been down for some time.

"He did a great job of getting guys to play together. He did a great job of getting that program moving in the right direction. Each year we got better. There's no doubt in my mind we will continue to improve."

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's events

Not looking good for the start of spring sports. Here's our ON SCHEDULE for baseball and softball. Updated with responses that I've got from ADs. Will update this throughout the day.

California at Charleroi ... ppd., Saturday, March 23 4 p.m.
Carlynton at Burgettstown ... ppd., TBD
Frazier at Carmichaels, ppd., TBD
Jefferson-Morgan at Monessen, 4:15 p.m. … still on
Mapletown at Bentworth … ppd., Wednesday, March 27, 4 p.m.
McGuffey at Fort Cherry ... ppd., TBD
North Catholic at Trinity … ppd., TBD
Shaler at Peters Township ... ppd., Saturday, March 23, 1 p.m. (at Shaler)
Waynesburg at Beth-Center … ppd., TBD
West Greene at Cameron (W.Va.) … ppd., TBD

Bentworth at Charleroi … ppd., TBD
Beth-Center at Jefferson-Morgan … ppd., Saturday March 23, 2:30 p.m.
California at Washington … ppd., Tuesday, March 26, 4 p.m.
Carmichaels at Laurel Highlands, 4 p.m.
Geibel at West Greene … ppd., TBD
Jeannette at Monessen, 4 p.m. ... still on
South Side Beaver at Fort Cherry ... ppd., TBD
Uniontown at Mapletown, 4:15 p.m.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

More on California's hiring of Bo Teets

By now you've probably read that Bo Teets was hired Wednesday night to take over as the head football coach at California High School.
Teets, 33, had spent the previous seven years as an assistant at Monessen. Here's a link to my story, which talks a little about his coaching lineage.

There were two colorful things, though, that I couldn't fit into the print story.

One was Teets' interaction with Phil Pergola, the former Ringgold boys basketball coach and now the athletic director and boys basketball coach at California -- essentially one of Teets' new bosses.

Pergola was the basketball coach at Ringgold while Teets was playing football there. Pergola even led Ringgold to the 1995 PIAA Class AAAA title.

"I used to call him coach Pergola," He's a legend for anybody who went to Ringgold in the 1990s. I still call him coach Pergola when I see him."

Probably a good thing, right?

Teets' former boss at Monessen, Andy Pacak, talked about how proud he was of Teets and how it's gratifying as a coach to have your assistants go on to bigger and better things.

"We're a little, small school," Pacak said. "And college and the pros look at that as sort of a badge of honor -- for your assistants to get hired. Maybe we'll get the Greyhound way spread around a little bit. You never know."

I asked Pacak whether this was the first branch of the Andy Pacak Coaching Tree.

"Don't go that far," Pacak warned me.

Fair enough. But all in all, looks like a great hired for California.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shai McKenzie recruiting thread

Welcome to the ongoing Shai McKenzie recruiting thread. The latest offers -- Virginia Tech and Vanderbilt -- means this was re-posted.

A few links first:

***An ESPN Nittany Nation story on McKenzie revitalizing Washington.

***My own feature on McKenzie from the fall.

***McKenzie's Rivals profile.

***Fairly ridiculous highlight reel of McKenzie.

Here are the current offers, all 30 of 'em:

Boston College
Florida State
Georgia Tech
Michigan State
North Carolina
Penn State
South Carolina
Virginia Tech
West Virginia
Youngstown State

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Papson steps down at McGuffey

Got a chance this afternoon to chat with Greg Papson, who resigned last month as head coach of the McGuffey boys basketball team. 

Papson had been with the program for five years, his second stint with the Highlanders after also coaching at McGuffey from 2002-04. In between, Papson was an assistant at Canon-McMillan.

Papson said the reason for his resignation was simple: family.

"I was married to the program," Papson said. "I have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. It became tough to juggle. I have to be a father first, as opposed to a coach. McGuffey is a great place; it's been great to me. It's going to be hard to not be associated with the school."

Papson, who does not teach at the school, said he expects to coach again soon -- only as an assistant.

"I'm not done coaching," Papson said. "Probably as an assistant for the time being, so I can see my kids more. But for now, I want to be a father and a husband."

Papson had nothing but glowing things to say about McGuffey, the same district where his wife teaches.

"I really love McGuffey," Papson said. "It's a great place to work."

McGuffey finished 9-13 overall, 2-10 in Section 5-AAA, arguably the WPIAL's toughest with Montour, the WPIAL Class AAA champion, and Chartiers Valley, the runner-up.

Stay tuned for news on Papson's replacement.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Section 5-AA all-stars announced

Was sent the Section 5-AA boys and girls basketball all-section teams tonight, so they'll be posted below.
Please, if you haven't done so already, send us your team's all-section teams. Hoping to run them with our All-Area section, which should look a little different this year.

Section 5-AA girls
Taylor Pompei, Sr. Bentworth 
Reilly Skerbetz, So., Bentworth
Anna Bartman, So. Beth-Center
Kristen Roy, Sr., Burgettstown
Anjie Tilghman, Jr., Charleroi
Mia Woytovich, Jr., Charleroi
Samantha Chadwick, Jr., McGuffey
Rachel Czulewicz, So., McGuffey
Abby Pattison, Jr., McGuffey
Cassie Weiss, Jr., McGuffey
Sammie Weiss, So., McGuffey
Samantha Gibson, Jr., South Side Beaver
Mya Gordon, Jr., Washington
Tajah Gordon, Fr., Washington
India March, Jr., Washington
MVP: Sammie Weiss, McGuffey 
First Team: Sammie Weiss, Taylor Pompei, Mya Gordon, Anna Bartman, Mia Woytovich 

Section 5-AA boys
Nico Dipaolo, Sr., Bishop Canevin 
Jake Slegman, Sr., Bishop Canevin
Michael Kish, Sr., Brentwood
Jason Pilarski, Sr., Brentwood
Ryan Glover, Sr., Burgettstown
Josh Mack, Sr., Burgettstown
Shayne Murphy, Sr., Char-Houston
Alec Ferrari, So., Char-Houston
Tyreke Brown, Sr., Fort Cherry

Dale Clancy, Jr., Seton-La Salle 
Levi Masua, Jr., Seton-La Salle 
Malik White, Jr., Seton-La Salle 
Dupree Jenkins, Jr., Washington 
Jaylin Kelly, Sr., Washington 
Josh Wise, Sr., Washington 
MVP: Josh Wise, Washington
First Team: Josh Wise, Dale Clancy, Jason Pilarski, Jake Seligman, Levi Masua

Friday, March 8, 2013

Two shows of sportsmanship

I've covered games the past two nights, and I've seen two rather awesome displays of sportsmanship.

Following the Peters Township hockey team's 7-3 win Thursday over Central Catholic in the PIHL Penguins Cup Class AAA quarterfinals, Vikings coach J. Kirk Freyvogel Jr. stopped his Peters Township counterpart, Rick Tingle, in the hallway outside the Indians' dressing room. He had a request.

"Can I talk to the players real quick?" Freyvogel Jr. asked.

Tingle, though he had to be a little surprised, said OK and popped his head in the room to remind his players to show the opposing coach some respect.

Turns out Freyvogel Jr. wanted to praise the Indians in person for how classy, mature and -- for lack of a better term -- correctly they played

"I got a chance to tell some of their guys in the (handshake) line, but I wanted to make sure that I got all of them because they have a great team," Freyvogel Jr. told me when I asked why he did what he did. "They play the game the right way, and I wanted to let them know."

I asked Freyvogel Jr. whether he's done this before, and the answer was no; he simply felt compelled on this night because of how impressed he was with Peters Township.

Given the Indians' 18-4 record and 14-game winning streak, I doubt he's the only one. But going into the winning locker room when you're the losing coach isn't exactly something you see every day.

Friday I drove to Gannon University in Erie for a PIAA Class AA first round game between the McGuffey girls basketball team and North East, which turned out to be a 59-49 loss for the Highlanders.

If you've never been to Gannon's Hammermill Center -- I hadn't -- it's a tight squeeze. A very tight squeeze. Press row sits directly in front of the front row of seats, the normal distance between every other row.

The biggest problem was that this was the only way to get from one end of the court to the other, making it a rather busy pathway.

At the end of press row to my left was the McGuffey bench, also packed tight with the first row of seats. Basically there was a few-inches-wide path to tip-toe through.

Early in the fourth quarter, a print photographer whom I do not know tripped/slipped and went down hard. Several folks, included myself, looked on, worried. Mid-timeout, McGuffey head coach Amanda Burchett, with her team facing at least a seven-point deficit the entire night, broke from the huddle to help.

Very classy move. Would've been easier for her to keep her nose to the grindstone, to be so focused on a basketball game to not care. Not that she deserves a Purple Heart or anything like that, but it's cool to see such a selfless reaction.

Guess both incidents give me a little bit more faith in the human race. Thanks y'all.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

South Fayette, McGuffey to start PIAA hoops playoffs

The South Fayette boys basketball team figured on at least two things prior to the 2012-13 season: An elite scorer would lead the offense, and the Lions would play a whole bunch of games against rivals Chartiers Valley and Montour.

While the latter turned out to be true -- including a PIAA Class AAA first-round game tonight against the Spartans at North Allegheny, the sixth this season against South Fayette's two biggest rivals -- the former took an unexpected twist.

Zach Challingsworth led South Fayette in scoring last season at 15.6 points per game, earning Observer-Reporter first team All-Area honors. But a week before the start of the season, Challingsworth, a Pitt football recruit, said he would skip basketball to let a sports hernia injury heal.

Though Challingsworth has since returned, senior point guard Evan Bonnaure, who averaged 10.4 points per game as a junior, has taken over Challingsworth's role as the go-to scorer by putting up 16.5 points per game.

As a result, the offense has shifted to one that emphasizes Bonnaure's strengths (shooting and passing) versus those of Challingsworth (dribble penetration and athleticism).

"Getting Zach back late, it took us a little while to settle in with everyone in the right positions," Bonnaure said. "But down the stretch, we've done a great job of executing our offense and getting the shots we wanted. I think that contributes a lot to the good open jump shots we've been getting and knocking down."

The change has South Fayette playing more half-court sets, and the Lions expect little to be different Friday against the Spartans, the reigning WPIAL champions.

"Drawing Montour, if that doesn't get their blood flowing, nothing will," head coach Rich Bonnaure said of playing the Spartans, who've won two of the past three WPIAL Class AAA titles and are riding a 14-game winning streak.

South Fayette (14-10) actually beat Montour, 53-46, on Jan. 11 after the Spartans made just two of 14 three-pointers -- no question their bread and butter.

The Lions were comfortable enough playing in the half-court that they led WPIAL runner-up Chartiers Valley by nine with five minutes to go in the Class AAA quarterfinals, though they couldn't hang on to the lead.

"We really feel that whenever you get in the playoffs, the amount of transition points you get decreases a little bit," Evan Bonnaure said. "That was a big part of our offense. We knew the biggest challenge for us would be being able to execute in the half-court offense. We've done a great job of that so far."

The McGuffey girls travel to Gannon University Friday to play North East (22-3), the District 10 champion, in the first round of the PIAA Class AA playoffs.

North East upset Region 4 champion General McLane, 38-36, avenging two regular season losses.

The Grapepickers are led by Mercyhurst recruit Alex Artise, who's the program's all-time leading scorer with 1,421 points, though General McLane held her to just six in the District 10 final.

McGuffey counters with its own 1,000-point scorer: sophomore Sammie Weiss, who's averaging 26.5 points per game.

Tip for the South Fayette boys game is 7:30, while the girls start at 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shai McKenzie recruiting update

A picture of an envelope from the University of Georgia that top recruit Shai McKenzie tweeted earlier today got me thinking, and I figured it was time for a recruiting update.

Georgia, while not an offer, could be significant because McKenzie has family outside of Marietta. He also wouldn't be bad fit in the Bulldogs' offense, at least in my opinion.

***UPDATED: McKenzie received an offer from Georgia yesterday. Coupled with Florida State and Oklahoma, that's 25 ... all of 'em listed below.

McKenzie picked up two offers yesterday -- Arizona and Indiana -- to bring his total to 22, a number that will probably get much larger as the offseason continues.

Few links here, too.

***An ESPN Nittany Nation story on McKenzie revitalizing Washington.

***My own feature on McKenzie from the fall.

***McKenzie's Rivals profile.

***Fairly ridiculous highlight reel of McKenzie.

Lastly, here are the current offers, all 25 of 'em:

Boston College
Florida State
Georgia Tech
Michigan State
Penn State

West Virginia
Youngstown State

Peters Township puck preview

Tomorrow I will have a story on the Peters Township hockey team pursuing a PIHL Class AAA Penguins Cup title on the heels of an 0-for-2 showing in championship games at Consol Energy Center the past two years.

The Indians are one of the league's premier programs -- four Penguins Cups, three state titles -- but those losses have stopped Peters Township from winning its first championship since 2005.

Have they been the motivating factor many would expect?

Well, not necessarily. I'll explain why in the story.

For now, here are two nuggets that didn't make it. The first is the play of top line winger Alex Debolt.

Two years ago, Peters Township coach Rick Tingle told me, Debolt was a grinder, a third-line guy whose most important contribution was killing penalties. Not that Debolt was a bad player, but there were just so many talented players ahead of him.

That, of course, has changed.

Paired with senior captain Trevor Recktenwald and sophomore sniper Adam Alavi, Debolt has 15 goals and 50 points, good enough for third on the team.

"His role for the last few years has been that of a third-line guy, and he played that role terrifically," Tingle said of Debolt. "Not that he wasn't capable of doing more, but we had other people who were filling those roles. Then he stepped into the role of first-line winger and played that terrifically."

I also talked to goaltender Brian Baker yesterday, and he mentioned a couple of things that have helped the Indians: a team movie night, which Peters Township will hold tonight (captains are still debating the choice), and pasta dinners that have been hosted by different players' families all season.

"Everyone getting together is what's bringing us together," Baker said. "I think it really helps.

"I don't think we've ever had a team with as much chemistry before. Definitely the way the players are interacting this year, there's no singling out kids or any of that. We've been playing together."

Here's a look at the Class AAA bracket: 

(1) Peters Township (17-4) vs. (9) Central Catholic, (11-9-2), Thursday, Southpointe Iceoplex, 7:10 p.m. 

(2) Bethel Park (16-5) vs. (6) Upper St. Clair (13-7-2), Wednesday, Bladerunners-Bethel, 7 p.m.

(3) North Allegheny (15-4-2) vs. (7) Canon-McMillan (12-6-4), Wednesday, Bladerunners-Warrendale, 6:30 p.m.

(4) Seneca Valley (14-6-1) vs. (5) State College (15-7), Thursday, Bladerunners-Warrendale, 8 p.m.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A few extras from Canon-Mac's win

I'm happy to report several things.

One, Mr. Gyros in Washington, located down the street from our building and under new ownership, is still every bit as awesome as it used to be. Grabbed a spicy gyro there for lunch today while working a day shift. Also grabbed Mrs. Varsity Letters some falafel ... just to make sure I'm not swatted at when I tell her where I ate today.

Two, it's hockey time here. With just two basketball teams left -- McGuffey girls and South Fayette boys both open the PIAA playoffs Friday -- I have more time to write about Canon-Mac and Peters Township hockey. (That and postseason/preseason stuff transitioning from winter to spring.)

The Big Macs earned a 3-0 win last night over Butler, which you can read about here. Ryan Christian made 20 stops, Austin and Anthony Tonkovich each had points, and Canon-McMillan won the special teams battle.

Still, head coach Yuri Krivokhija was none too pleased. While waiting for postgame interviews outside of Canon-McMillan's locker room this much was glaringly obvious -- and the majority of those comments aren't even close to printable.

I asked a few of the players what Krivokhija, who apparently left the building while I was interviewing Butler's coach, was so upset about.

"He's a perfectionist," Christian explained. "He thought that the game was too close, and he's right. If we come out and play the game we play today against North Allegheny or any of those higher-seeded teams, we're going to lose. It's understandable that he'd be upset about that. He wants a Penguins Cup. We want a Penguins Cup. We just have to play better next game. Can't get by playing at this level."

I guess one of the things feeding into this was that Canon-McMillan beat Butler, 8-0, on Feb. 25.

"I don't think anyone was thinking about that game," Austin Tonkovich said. "I think they were thinking that this is a new team, they want to come in here and beat us just as bad as we want to beat them again."

After talking to another area coach this morning, I learned that apparently Butler has altered its style a bit, to essentially pack players around the net, give up good-but-not-great shots and hope it stays close. This is what the Golden Tornadoes did last night, and it worked.

"Part of that was to save our legs, to ultimately weather the storm," Butler coach Michael Guenter said. "The chances were there. The bounces just didn't go our way."

Canon-Mac (12-6-4) is seeded seventh in the Class AAA Penguins Cup draw and will learn its quarterfinal round opponent tonight; if all goes according to chalk, the Big Macs will get No. 2 Bethel Park (16-5).

I'm currently working on a Thursday story about top-seeded Peters Township. Will post some extras on the blog.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Extra swimming note

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about swimming as much as I enjoyed covering it. Really have developed a love and appreciation for the sport. Even hit the pool at the Cameron Wellness Center earlier today ... you know, once I finally got the chance.

Here are my two stories: Day 1 and Day 2.

One performance that kind of got lost in the shuffle was that of Peters Township's Kentucky-bound senior, Kyle Higgins.

Higgins is one of the WPIAL's best, but he was coming off an illness and wasn't at his best. When I talked to him Thursday, he admitted to not tapering -- heck, a few days ago he was barely breathing or eating. The PIAA meet, both Higgins and Peters Township coach Tom Fletcher told me, was going to be bigger than these two days.

Should definitely be someone to keep an eye on.

"Kyle's been sick," Fletcher said Friday. "He didn't shave. He looked so much better (Friday) than he did (Thursday). He's starting to get some color back in his skin. We've been focused on states all year. I know he's happy with what he did."

Higgins qualified as part of Peters Township's second-place 200-yard medley relay team. He also made it in the 100 fly.

"He did what he needed to do, and now I think he's ready to have a great meet at states," Fletcher added.

Friday, March 1, 2013

PIAA swimming qualifiers

While we're in the middle of the girls 500 freestyle event -- which, thanks to the WPIAL's qualifying procedures, about as long as Woodstock -- figure I would gather the PIAA qualifiers we have so far. Here are the Class AA qualifiers.

Reminder that state swimming will be March 13-16 at Bucknell University. Oh, and that South Fayette's Grace Klimek (third) and Stephen Zombek (first) will be there for diving.

Number in front is swimmer's/relay's place. Results will be updated as the Class AAA progresses.


Girls 200 medley relay

1. South Fayette (Mary Rosati, Morgan Fink, Maddie Bartrug, Tiana Marrese)

Boys 200 medley relay

4. South Fayette (Evan Zombek, Timothy Bernhardt, Matt Guyan, Ryne Fromholzer)

Girls 200 free
4. Morgan Fink, South Fayette

Girls 200 IM
2. Mary Rosati, South Fayette

Boys 50 free
2. Luke Simpson, Charleroi

Girls 200 free relay

4. South Fayette (Sophia Hestad, Sydney Briner, Corrine Loeffler, Tiana Marrese)

Girls 500 free
4. Mary Rosati, South Fayette

Boys 100 backstroke

3. Luke Simpson, Charleroi

Girls 100 breaststroke

1. Morgan Fink

Girls 400 freestyle relay
1. South Fayette (Maddie Bartrug, Mary Rosati, Sydney Briner, Morgan Fink)


Boys 200 medley relay 

2. Peters Township (Dan Pletz, Chris Buzard, Kyle Higgins, Jason Lee)

Girls 100 butterfly
3. Saoirse Palu-Benson, Peters Township

Boys 100 butterfly
2. Kyle Higgins, Peters Township

Girls 500 free
3. Saoirse Palu-Benson, Peters Township

Boys 100 breaststroke
3. Chris Buzard, Peters Township