Thursday, March 21, 2013

More on California's hiring of Bo Teets

By now you've probably read that Bo Teets was hired Wednesday night to take over as the head football coach at California High School.
Teets, 33, had spent the previous seven years as an assistant at Monessen. Here's a link to my story, which talks a little about his coaching lineage.

There were two colorful things, though, that I couldn't fit into the print story.

One was Teets' interaction with Phil Pergola, the former Ringgold boys basketball coach and now the athletic director and boys basketball coach at California -- essentially one of Teets' new bosses.

Pergola was the basketball coach at Ringgold while Teets was playing football there. Pergola even led Ringgold to the 1995 PIAA Class AAAA title.

"I used to call him coach Pergola," He's a legend for anybody who went to Ringgold in the 1990s. I still call him coach Pergola when I see him."

Probably a good thing, right?

Teets' former boss at Monessen, Andy Pacak, talked about how proud he was of Teets and how it's gratifying as a coach to have your assistants go on to bigger and better things.

"We're a little, small school," Pacak said. "And college and the pros look at that as sort of a badge of honor -- for your assistants to get hired. Maybe we'll get the Greyhound way spread around a little bit. You never know."

I asked Pacak whether this was the first branch of the Andy Pacak Coaching Tree.

"Don't go that far," Pacak warned me.

Fair enough. But all in all, looks like a great hired for California.

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