Monday, April 8, 2013

Canon-McMillan to start over in search for football coach

The Canon-McMillan football program is looking for a head coach following the resignation of Tim Sohyda.

What, heard that one already?

Based on conversations I've had with a few reliable sources the past couple days -- none, it should be noted, who work at the school; those folks have been about as tight-lipped as possible on this one -- it appears as though Canon-McMillan will start over with the search for a football coach.

The reason, at least as far as I've heard: There's no teaching job associated with the position.

Haven't checked on this yet, but I'd be willing to bet that makes Canon-McMillan one of the few Class AAAA programs to (try to) fill a coaching vacancy without ensuring that guy is in the building 24/7.

My own two cents: Just a tough, tough path to go down with the amount of work that needs done to turn this program around, something Sohyda was on his way to doing before this all happened. Gotta have someone around to drum up interest, organize things, get this back on track, etc.

OK, so how'd we even get here again? Let's backtrack a little.

In late November, Tim Sohyda resigns when the story breaks that a parent/booster-led search committee "gauged interest" in Sohyda's job ... while he still had it. This, understandably, did not make Sohyda very happy, and he quit.

“Perseverance is about stopping when the job is done, not when you’re discouraged or when things get tough,” Sohyda told me at the time. “This totally goes against everything I believe in, but from my perspective, when people that you trust basically destroy your credibility with your team, how do you get the kids to trust you? How do they respect you when that happens?

“The rock’s big enough without people pushing back from the other side. Especially people you trust, people you thought understood and wanted to help you.”

In January, attention turned toward Seton-La Salle coach Greg Perry, whose job was opened; along with Niel Loebig and Andrew DiDonato. Well, Perry, as I would learn, never applied, and Loebig was hired at Chartiers Valley. Never heard much more about DiDonato. Perry was eventually retained at Seton-La Salle.

Things go quiet. I'm told this won't be happening very soon. Eventually rumors surface that nine candidates will interviewed.

In late March, the candidate list is reportedly whittled to three: Jon Miller, former C-M assistant, Moon head coach and an assistant in Florida; Damon Rosol, the offensive coordinator at Montour; and Jason McElhaney, who coached at West Middlesex as recently as this season but stepped down in early January. (McElhaney's wife teaches in the South Hills, so the job makes geographical sense, anyway.) One rumor was former Trinity QB Mike Wall, but, as I found out, that's all it was, a rumor.

As always, stay tuned on this one.


  1. Will you be attending the upcoming school board meetings on 4/8 and 4/15?

  2. I will not be there tonight. Office duties call. We may be staffing on the news side, depending on a couple other things.