Monday, April 8, 2013

Q&A with Chartiers-Houston's Garrett Vulcano

Here's the transcript of my chat with Charters-Houston linebacker/wrestler Garrett Vulcano, who recently chose to play football at West Liberty University over pursuing a college wrestling career.

JM: What attracted you there?
GV: I like the coaches a lot. Stuff like that.

JM: Was it tough to choose football over wrestling?
GV: I was picking football going into wrestling. Maybe that's why I did so well this year; I was more laid back in wrestling.

JM: A productive season on the mat couldn't sway you?
GV: I'm not looking to do anything like the Olympics. I'm just trying to have fun. Play a sport I like.

JM: Do you see a chance to play right away at West Liberty?
GV: I have to get bigger. I wanted to redshirt. That would be nice. Get a little of that freshman 13 on me.

JM: Will you be redshirted?
GV: I don't know yet.

JM: Where do they project you playing?
GV: I might play linebacker. I might play safety. I don't know.

JM: Do you have a preference?
GV: I prefer linebacker. That would be better.

JM: What did you like football-wise?
GV: They're coached well, I think. Always hustling to the ball. Just the small things, I guess.

JM: Who else was recruiting you for football?
GV: Alderson-Broaddus offered me a little bit. Bethany a little bit, too. A lot of wrestling schools called me, but I had to say no. I don't know what they offered because I wasn't really interested.

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