Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spossey fitting in with Char-Houston

Remember all that fuss over whether Toni Spossey will be eligible after transferring from Trinity to Chartiers-Houston?

I know I do.

And it seems like forever ago.

Especially after Spossey -- who started at catcher and went 3 for 4 with a double and three RBI during the Chartiers-Houston softball team's 10-0 victory at McGuffey in six innings Thursday afternoon -- appears to be doing pretty well with her new team.

"I coached Toni last year," McGuffey coach Bill Loar said. "I knew when Toni was eligible, she was going to be a big asset to them."

I hate covering eligibility hearings. Perhaps more than root canals, dieting or cooking. Nobody wins, first of all. And I spend my day getting no-commented by everyone, when I could be … you know, actually writing something.

I'm not going to weigh in on Spossey's case, other than to say it looks like she has, judging by results, made a pretty smooth transition.

I asked Bucs coach Tricia Alderson -- the softball of all softball questions, I know -- what she thought about having Spossey in the lineup.

"She's obviously a great player," Alderson said. "She gives us a lot of options offensively and defensively because she's very versatile. We're obviously happy to have her and happy that she's able to make some contributions."

Must be weird for Spossey.

Not only does she have to get acclimated to one of the WPIAL's best teams, but she has to learn how to catch Kayla Briggs, who's not exactly hurting when it comes to velocity.

"In the beginning it was (tough)," Spossey said. "But now I'm used to it."

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