Saturday, June 22, 2013

Budd Grebb girls division draft done

As you might have read, the J. Budd Grebb Memorial Summer Basketball League added a girls division this year, with four teams.

Well, the girls head their draft today at Lagerheads, and here are the teams. Still waiting on info from the boys. If anyone has it, please e-mail me at

Bitonti Barristers

Caitlyn Trombley, Belle Vernon; Kylie Huffman, California; Meaghan Murphy, Belle Vernon; Kaitlin Thomas, Belle Vernon; Dominique Gaston, California; Cara Grogan, Monessen; Anjela Tilghman, Charleroi; TeRaee Bradford, Monessen; Marissa Bitonti, California; Keira Boff, Belle Vernon

Tommy Thomas Insurance Agency

Lilley Beadling, Beth-Center; Mia Woytovich, Charleroi; Monet Wade, Monessen; Reilly Skerbetz, Bentworth; Hanna Batovsky, Brownsville; Jessie Braddock, Brownsville; Kirsten Garber, Waynesburg; Victoria Cicci, Bentworth; Heaven Hester, Belle Vernon; Taylor Kovatch, Belle Vernon

Fredericktown Butcher Shop

Grace Marchezak, Bentworth; Kaitlyn Slagus, Belle Vernon; Bria Rathway, Belle Vernon; Brittany Stawovy, Greensburg CC; Eden Holland, Monessen; Celine Monica, Waynesburg; Heather Chester, Bentworth; Kendra Campbell, Bentworth; Rylie Campbell, Belle Vernon; Kinlee Whited, Beth-Center


Kelsey Green, Belle Vernon; Maris Seto, Brownsville, Keyonna McCrae, Brownsville; Cassidy Stollar, Chartiers-Houston; Ashley Holt, California; Courtney Askin, Belle Vernon; Carina Gottheld, Charleroi; Jennifer Tilghman, Charleroi; Bailey Vig, California; Kerilyn Wilkins, Waynesburg

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