Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Budd Grebb Results: Day 1

Storm, what storm? The Budd Grebb Summer League opened Tuesday night, despite the awful weather. (Some games, of course, were moved inside.

Here's what happened:

Northwood Realty 83, Union Cleaners 74

Northwood Realty: Robert Chaney, Jr., Ringgold 20; Brandon Lawless, Carmichaels and Cole Novotney, Brownsville 13; Jake Sweitzer 12

Union Cleaners: Tray Matthews, California 19; John Arnold, Charleroi 17; Jalen French, Elizabeth Forward 15; John Frederic, Belle Vernon 10

Campy’s Pizza 53, Dairy Queen 49

Campy’s Pizza: George Prota, Elizabeth Forward 19; Nick Despot, Brownsville 10

Dairy Queen: Matt Indorante, Charleroi 18; Clintell Gillespie, Monessen 12

BeeGraphix 78, Farmers’ Insurance 69

BeeGraphix: Elijah Minnie, Lincoln Park 30; Dayshore Majors, Ringgold 14; Luke Doptis, Monessen 12; Timmy Pritchett, Ringgold 11

Farmers Insurance: Cameron Sarber, Thomas Jefferson 18; Matt Bernadowski, Elizabeth Forward 14; Lavelle Rush, Monessen 13

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