Monday, June 10, 2013

Hulkamania big in California

When I was younger -- talking like elementary school here -- I used to fake sick and beg my mom to take me to Phar-Mor to rent old wrestling videos. Favorite was Summer Slam '88, though many of the Wrestlemania tapes (not DVDs) were great, too.

That's why when I learned the California baseball team was drawing inspiration from Hulk Hogan, I couldn't help myself.

Plus, whenever we're constantly talking about travel leagues, club competition, AAU, etc., it's refreshing to see a high school baseball team excited to be around each other and have a little fun.

Many thanks to Brian Fisher, who coordinated the picture effort, and Aaron Previsky, who has sort of lorded over the wacky operation. Here -- because it didn't run in print -- is a close-up of what the Trojans have accumulated.

Also a reminder that today's California/Canon-McMillan baseball/softball PIAA semifinals will now be played Tuesday.

California will take on Johnsonburg at Homer City's First Commonwealth Field at 6 p.m. The Big Macs' game against Pennsbury was moved from a 4 p.m. start to 2 p.m. I will be at the Canon-Mac game, my boss, Chris Dugan, at Cal.

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