Thursday, June 13, 2013

More on Canon-Mac's baseball-like approach

My story in today's paper focuses on how the Canon-McMillan softball team can come off as more of a baseball team: laser focus, cheers only when there's a reason, very few substitutions.

From what I learned, it's basically always been this way. Just the character of the team. Assistant coach Steve Moskal started coaching them this way with the Canonsburg Lady Knights, and it has never really changed.

Then again, with the natural ability the Big Macs have, it doesn't has to.

I talked to third baseman Olivia Lorusso after I filed the story last night and decided to save some of her comments for the blog. I asked Lorusso, who Wednesday gave a verbal commitment to play softball at Robert Morris, why Canon-McMillan didn't do much of the organized chants.

"I hate teams that cheer. I don't think it's very necessary," Lorusso said. Then she clarified.

"I don't hate the teams that chant — I hate the chants. It's kind of more of a distraction. A team that cheers is no better than a team that doesn't cheer."

Fair enough. Lorusso also said the spontaneity also makes it more personal.

"I feel like when you cheer your own chants that it's a little more personal than chanting a song or a rhyme," Lorusso continued. "I like the way we do it because, quite frankly, I would probably get annoyed if the whole time I was up at bat I was hearing rhymes or chants."

I think there's something to be said for expecting success. Not making the argument that those who chant don't 
 pardon the double negative  but for Canon-Mac, it's almost a case of acting like they've been there before.

Or at least ignoring the belief that making a bunch of noise will help the ball travel farther or to a vacant part of the field.

"We expect more out of our team than other teams do," Lorusso said. "When someone gets a good hit, we're really excited. But we expect that to happen. Our team — not bragging — but we are very good hitters. I just feel like it's more of an expected hit than a surprised one."

Reminder that the PIAA Class AAAA state final against Neshaminy is Friday at 12:30 p.m. at Penn State's Nittany Lion Softball Park.

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