Monday, July 29, 2013

So, I'm back

Pardon the inactivity here. One, it's summer. Pretty boring couple of weeks anyway. But I was also on vacation. (Didn't do much. Pretty much used it to move.)

>>Anyway, we're starting to mobilize for the high school football tab, which is more than a bit scary; camp, believe it or not, starts Aug. 12.

That's in two weeks.

Golf starts Aug. 15, and tennis a week after football camp on Aug. 19.

Just crazy to think that it's already here.

>>The J. Budd Grebb Memorial Summer Basketball League wraps up this week, with semifinals Tuesday and the championship game Thursday.

Here's a look at the end-of-the-regular-season numbers:

Scoring Leaders
1. Noah Brown, Farmers Insurance 9-198-22.0
2. Charlie Scharbo, Campy’s Pizza 7-146-20.9
3. Elijah Minnie, BeeGraphix 8-161-20.1
4. Jalen French, Union Cleaners 9-175-19.4
5. Dayshore Majors, BeeGraphix 7-126-18.0
T-6. Cole Novotney, Northwood Realty 10-170-17.0
T-6. George Prota, Campy’s Pizza 8-136-17.0
8. Lavelle Rush, Farmers Insurance 7-110-15.7
9. Clintell Gillaspie, Dairy Queen 9-138-15.3
10. Matt Bernadowski, Farmers Insurance 10-142-14.2
11. Demetri Clements, Campy’s Pizza 10-128-12.8
12. Luke Doptis, BeeGraphix 10-126-12.6
13. Brandon Lawless, Northwood Realty 7-87-12.4
14. Matt Indorante, Dairy Queen 9-110-12.2
15. Tray Matthews, Union Cleaners 8-97-12.1
16. Noah Rullo, BeeGraphix 9-106-11.8
17. Kass Taylor, Northwood Realty 10-112-11.2
18. Ryan Novotney, Dairy Queen 9-99-11.0
19. John Arnold, Union Cleaners 6-63-10.5

                            PF      Avg.      PA        Avg.
BeeGraphix                8-2     746      74.6       609       60.9
Campy’s Pizza            7-3     755       75.5       622       62.2
Farmers Insurance   6-4     745       74.5       714        71.4
Northwood Realty    5-5      705       70.5      779        77.9
Dairy Queen              4-6      617        61.7      666       66.6
Union Cleaners         0-10   569        56.9      744       74.4

Playoff Schedule
Tuesday, July 30

Farmers Insurance vs. Campy's Pizza, 7:30 p.m.
Northwood Realty vs. BeeGraphix, 9 p.m.
Farmers Insurance-Campy's Pizza winner vs. Northwood Realty-BeeGraphix winner, 8 p.m.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Budd Grebb extras

Have a story in Saturday's paper about what's been going on with the Budd Grebb league so far.

Here's what didn't make the paper, plus scoring leaders/standings:

Bob Kennedy had a rule to follow at the annual draft for the J. Budd Grebb Memorial Summer Basketball League.

"When I went to the draft this year, they told me right off the bat, 'You get no Monessen (kids),' " Kennedy explained.

That's because Kennedy, who coached BeeGraphix, already has three of them on his roster — or one over the league limit.

Elijah Minnie, Luke Doptis and Noah Rullo have been with Kennedy, who coaches high school basketball at Bentworth, since they started in the league, and back then there were too many interested players to stick to the rule of two per team.

"I can't pick another Monessen kid until I graduate these kids," Kennedy explained. "You can only have two from each school."

Minnie, Doptis and Rullo not only have been loyal — they could've re-entered the change, but chose to stay with BeeGraphix — but good; last year BeeGraphix went 12-0 to win the Budd Grebb title, and this year the three rank among the league's scoring leaders.

Minnie, who transferred to Lincoln Park amid plenty of controversy, is averaging 19.0 points through five games, tying him with Charlie Scharbo of Campy's Pizza for second in the league. Doptis is 10th at 14.3 points per game, and Rullo is 21st at 10.5.

Dayshore Majors (Ringgold) is averaging 15.8 points per game, good enough for seventh in the league.

BeeGraphix recently had its 17-game winning snapped with a 73-58 loss to Farmers Insurance Thursday night, as both teams are now 5-1. Campy's Pizza, which is in fourth place at 4-2, plays both BeeGraphix and Farmers Insurance next week and could shake up the standings.

Through Game 6
Player, Team Games Points Average
1. Jalen French, Union Cleaners 5 104 20.8
T-2. Charlie Scharbo, Campy’s Pizza 3 57 19.0
T-2. Elijah Minnie, BeeGraphix 5 95 19.0
4. Noah Brown, Farmers Insurance 6 112 18.7
5. George Prota, Campy’s Pizza 5 90 18.0
6. Cole Novotney, Northwood Realty 6 97 16.2
7. Dayshore Majors, BeeGraphix 5 79 15.8
8. Lavelle Rush, Farmers Insurance 5 78 15.6
9. Clintell Gillespie, Dairy Queen 5 77 15.4
10. Luke Doptis, BeeGraphix 6 86 14.3
11. Tray Matthews, Union Cleaners 4 55 13.8
T-12. Matt Indorante, Dairy Queen 5 64 12.8
T-12. John Arnold, Union Cleaners 4 51 12.8
14. Brandon Lawless, Northwood Realty 4 50 12.5
15. Matt Bernadowski, Farmers Insurance 6 72 12.0
16. Kass Taylor, Northwood Realty 6 69 11.5
17. Cameron Sarber, Farmers Insurance 6 67 11.2
18. Demetri Clements, Campy’s Pizza 6 66 11.0
T-19. Robert Chaney Jr., Northwood Realty 4 43 10.8
T-19. Jake Sweitzer, Northwood Realty 4 43 10.8
21. Noah Rullo, BeeGraphix 6 63 10.5

Team                         Rec.     PF     Avg.    PA     Avg.
Farmers Insurance     5-1     437     72.8     385     64.2 
BeeGraphix               5-1     444     74.0     362     60.3 
Campy’s Pizza          4-2     408     68.0     374     62.3 
Northwood Realty     2-4     426     71.0     469     78.2 
Dairy Queen             2-4     339     56.5     379     63.2 
Union Cleaners         0-6     351     58.5     436     72.7

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wednesday/Thursday Budd Grebb results

Here, folks, are the Budd Grebb Results I just took over the phone and filed for Friday's paper.

Many thanks for Mel and Naz for calling these in and keeping this thing going.

J. Budd Grebb Memorial Summer League Basketball


Tommy Thomas State Farm 46, Lagerheads 45

T: Mia Woytovich 15; L: Cassidy Stollar 12

Fredericktown Butcher Shop 39, Bitonti’s Barristers 23
F: Kaitlyn Slagus 20; B: Meaghan Murphy 9


Farmers Insurance 73, BeeGraphix 58
F: Lavelle Rush 18, Joey Martin 14, Cameron Sarber 12; B: Luke Doptis 32, Noah Rullo 16

Campy’s Pizza 71, Dairy Queen 54
C: Demetri Clements 18, Charlie Scharbo 17, Carl DellaPenna 12, Austin Matta 12; D: Matt Indorante 14, Rece Henneman 14

Northwood Realty 90, Union Cleaners 67
N: Cole Novotney 26, Brandon Lawless 19, Jake Sweitzer 13; U: Jaylen French 21, John Arnold 18, Marcellous Grooms 15

Boys Standings

Farmers Insurance 5-1
BeeGraphix 5-1
Campy’s Pizza 4-2
Northwood Realty 2-4
Dairy Queen 2-4
Union Cleaners 0-6

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Go ahead, blame me

Some luck, huh?

So a few days ago I wrote about Peters Township graduate Mike Bittel, who's pitching in the New York Collegate Wooden Bat League.

Bittel, by virtue of his excellent first half, was selected to the All-Star Game -- where he gave up four runs, two earned, on four hits with one strikeout in his only inning of work.

Oh well. It's baseball. This stuff happens. But definitely bad timing.

One bright spot: Washington & Jefferson College's Kyle McClain, a third baseman who's been closing games up there, struck out the only batter he faced in the All-Star Game.

This season McClain has a 1-0 record for the Olean Oilers with five saves in 13 innings. He's given up 13 hits, three runs, one earned, with 15 strikeouts against one walk.

Now watch those numbers take a hit -- hopefully a tiny one. Sorry guys.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Char-Houston's Spossey leaves state

When it comes to Chartiers-Houston softball, apparently Toni Spossey isn't the heir apparent to Kayla Briggs.

As I learned within the past few days, and confirmed tonight, sophomore catcher/pitcher Toni Spossey has moved, along with her family, to North Carolina.

Spossey, who transferred from Trinity back in January, was ruled ineligible for half the year, appealed and won, gaining eligibility for the Bucs' playoff run to the WPIAL Class AA semifinals and the PIAA first round.

Spossey started out as a catcher but moved into the pitching circle when Briggs was lost late in the season with a minor shoulder injury.

She wound up hitting .475 in 40 at-bats with 10 RBI and 13 runs. Spossey was clearly a talented pitcher and had no trouble competing on the season's biggest stage, hence the All-District selection.

Guess we'll never know how she would have stacked up given an entire season. I'm told the move was very much family-related and family-motivated.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

PT's Nettles with a hole-in-one

Happy Fourth of July, y'all. Slow night here at the office, though not when it comes to chips, veggie trays or cookie cakes. Those things have very much been in play.

Been cranking out Athlete of the Year copy, so look for that in Sunday's edition.

In the meantime, this is interesting. Just caught a hole-in-one fax on the printer. The subject? Tom Nettles, Peters Township Class of 2013, incoming freshman at NCAA Division I Campbell University.

Apparently Nettles aced the 197-yard par-3 14th hole at Rolling Hills Country Club today, using a 5-iron to do so. His playing partners were Sean Byers, Jim Gordon and Bernie Matlak.

Not a bad way to start the holiday.

Nettles finished second each of the past two years at the PIAA Class AAA individual championships, firing a 74-70-144 last fall at Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York.