Thursday, August 15, 2013

Camp notes: Chartiers-Houston

Chartiers-Houston: the land of no names and coaches who participate in practice.

I spent the early part of the afternoon at Chartiers-Houston and had a great time 
— despite the fact that players don't have numbers on their practice jerseys, which makes it a little tough to know who's who. First, though, let's start with a story.

Defense day, seven-on-seven work. I'm standing near the linemen and notice someone lofting a beautiful ball on a 30-yard, backside post.

It's Bucs head coach Terry Fetsko.

And he's throwing a kid's football.

"You stole that out of your kid's toy bin," senior Miles Williamson accuses Fetsko.

"Yep, he's probably crying right now because he can't find it," Fetsko jokes.

A few seconds later, Fetsko pretends he's hitting Santonio Holmes in the corner of the end zone to win a Super Bowl.

"Big Ben's in trouble," someone shouts. Fetsko plays along.

Williamson tried to bet that he could throw the ball 80 yards — and if so the Bucs would get out of conditioning for the day. It traveled 73, though it did roll to 81.

Fetsko even participated in running sprints. Cracks me up. He said it's something he does every year, even though his players usually make fun of him. Gotta love that.

Oh, wait, what? Serious stuff? Fine.


Kaleb Susko returns at quarterback, Williamson at receiver — he's 6-4, 192, big and athletic … look for a Recruit Watch thingy — but not much in the way of running backs; Jevone Hairston, David Kincaid and Grant Foster (transfer to Central Catholic), the Bucs' best three from last year, are all gone.

Senior Derek Hull has the lead on the competition, but the simple fact, all agreed, is that Susko and Williamson will have to do more.

"We need to take a look at some things," Fetsko said. "We lost our three leading rushers; you put all of their yards together, they had about 1,500. We had a nice corps of running backs. When you lose all three it makes it difficult.

"We need Kaleb to step up, to be a leader, and we have to have him get the ball in the hands of our skill people. We're getting on him to do a lot more."

Joining Williamson out wide will be senior Doug DiNardo and three juniors: Thomas Wormsley, Wyatt Kincaid and Josh Gray — among others.

Senior Walt Lober, and juniors Tyler Stegenga and Noah Deep return along the offensive and defensive lines.


The three running backs also played linebacker, and Garrett Vulcano, an all-state player now at West Liberty, is also gone.

Hull figures to take Vulcano's spot at middle linebacker, but there's plenty of competition for the other spots, a competition led by sophomore Dylan Briggs.

Defensive backs will be Williamson, Susko, Wyatt, Kincaid and Wormsley.
Safety/wide receiver/punter Alec Ferrari is out at least until early in the regular season, Fetsko said, with "blood clots," giving the Bucs another loss to address.

Good day. Got Ringgold tomorrow morning, then some tab writing in the afternoon and evening.

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