Friday, August 23, 2013

Duchi and Frey impress for McGuffey

With all tab responsibilities and Tuesday's sick day behind me, I stopped out at McGuffey tonight to watch the Highlanders scrimmage Uniontown.

The story: James Duchi and Patrick Frey combined to run for 251 yards and two touchdowns on 16 carries, showing off the backfield of riches that McGuffey figures to have this season.

"It’s good," said Duchi, who ran eight times for 76 yards. "We have a good backfield."

I will examine the Highlanders' backfield situation for Sunday's paper, but here's the short version: Frey transfers from Trinity ... Duchi, who had 1,514 yards and and 13 touchdowns as THE MAN last season must share time ... neither have an issue.

OK, the very short version.

Though I have a tough time believing it, Duchi said he didn't feel threatened at all when Frey, who rushed for 940 yards and 10 touchdowns at Trinity, started taking classes at McGuffey.

I thought it was going to be good, because now we have two great running backs," Duchi told me after McGuffey trounced Uniontown. "If one of us goes down, we still have another one. It’s just better to have two running backs."

Frey, who rushed for 175 yards on eight carries, was a little more candid, offering this:

"I came in a little nervous, I’m not going to lie," said Frey, who transferred to enroll in McGuffey's vocational agriculture program. "He had more yards than me, but I knew they would find a spot for me, even at fullback or wherever it is."

Tonight that was at the Wildcat, the formation where Frey scored both of his touchdowns: a 21-yarder on McGuffey's second possession, a 60-yarder to finish off the third.

>>>Senior kicker Tyler Harris made a 46-yard field goal on McGuffey's third possession. And get this: Harris has never kicked a football -- at least not in a game -- before.

Sure, he scored around 30 goals for the soccer team. But a football player he's most certainly not.

"I don’t think he knows how many points you score on a touchdown," McGuffey coach Ed Dalton said. "He’s a soccer kid. But hopefully he’ll be an end zone kicker by next week. They've gone two and three practices a day, so I’m hoping his leg will bounce back by next week."

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