Friday, August 16, 2013

Geibel gone, too?

Heard a rumor -- at least from a reliable source -- that Geibel had to pull out of its three-way scrimmage with Our Lady of Sacred Heart and Serra Catholic Saturday because its team only had nine players on it.

If that's true, and Geibel cannot field a team long term, the coaches in the WPIAL Class A Black Hills Conference probably wouldn't be all that upset. That would be mean they'd have ready-made crossover games against the Tri-County, should they choose to play them.

Here's a hypothetical look at who could be playing whom:

Fort Cherry vs. West Greene, Week 4
*Both had/have home games

Monessen vs. Bentworth, Week 7
*Bentworth was/is supposed to be at home

California vs. Carmichaels, Week 6
*Both had/have home games

Chartiers-Houston vs. Mapletown, Week 4
*Both had/have home games

Other cross-over matchups

Beth-Center vs. Serra Catholic
*Both had/have home games

Jefferson-Morgan vs. Clairton
*Both had/have away games

For those asking, we'll know for sure on Imani come Monday. I'm not aware of any deadline that Geibel faces.

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