Friday, August 30, 2013

I hate goodbyes

The last day of any job stinks.

It's awkward. Everybody saying their goodbyes, acting like you're going to some faraway place. People who haven't heard. As a responsible employee, you're still trying to -- using a baseball term -- play out the string.

My predecessor on this beat, Mike Kovak, recalled a funny story about scaling scaffolding to take away some of that awkwardness, but I'm having no such luck thinking of one.

Perhaps because I heeded Mike's advice. On many things.

In any case, Friday is officially my last night at the Observer-Reporter. Come Tuesday I will start a job at the Tribune-Review. The move, though it makes sense (to me anyway) from a professional standpoint, doesn't come without its difficulties.

I've met many great people here, and to the majority simply calling them "great" doesn't do it justice. A lot of great folks, a lot of great memories. Shoot, can't believe all of 'em have been crammed into a 13-month term.

And I truly appreciate you reading, e-mailing, subscribing, following and calling.

It's a slice of life that I know I won't soon forget.

The Observer-Reporter is in the process of hiring my replacement, and, knowing who's involved, I have no doubt they will hire a quality person and writer. Also someone who will keep this blog going.

I'll still be on Twitter (@mackey_jason). Can also e-mail me at

As my idol, Jerry Garcia, sung many years ago ...

And I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

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