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Montecalvo retiring as C-M athletic director

Guy Montecalvo
For the second time in four years, Guy Montecalvo has retired.

The 30-year coaching veteran who led Wash High to a state title in 2001 and two WPIAL titles is retiring as athletic director at Canon-McMillan. He stepped down as head football coach in 2010 after leading the Big Macs to four playoff appearances in seven seasons.

At Wash High, his teams reached the WPIAL playoffs in 21 of 30 seasons, he won Washington-Greene County Coach of the Year 11 times, led the girls track team to a state title in 1996 and won two WPIAL boys track titles in three years.

The second all-time winningest coach in Washington County history, Montecalvo will walk away from high school athletics. You can find the whole story on the Observer-Reporter’s website here.

Here are a few quotes from Montecalvo that did not get into the story. Also, don’t count out seeing Montecalvo return to the sidelines sometime soon. He has not ruled out coaching again.
  •          On leaving his post: “That’s what I’m going to miss because I have become deeply entrenched in all of our sports here. It’s jubilation when we are successful and it’s disappointment and depression whenever we aren’t. I tried to become invested in all of our programming and that’s what made it so enjoyable. Once I got out of coaching four years ago, I was able to become even more involved with our other sports. It’s not like I’m just leaving one sport, I’m leaving a lot of coaches and kids behind. You think that you’d like to stay one more year because these guys are going to be seniors, but that happens every year. “
  •           On what influenced his career: “As far as what molded me, it started with my parents. I was blessed to have a tremendous mom and dad who were so strong with their values and the things they taught my sister and I. They were really humanistic parents and that probably started it. Having the opportunity to have the experience of playing and coaching for Coach Paterno  had a great impact on my philosophy and methodology with how I did things.”
  •       The decision: “Leaving track coaching when I became an athletic director was very difficult. I love track & field as much as I love football. Leaving that was tough and leaving football was even tougher. I’m not looking at this as a sense of finality in the athletic domain and it’s something I’ve wrestled with for over a year. I feel like maybe an opportunity to do something in some other way may come along some time down the road, but that remains to be seen.”
  •      Coaching again: “I would leave the door open to something like that. I actually had a couple job opportunities in the spring with football that I had to turn down because of my obligations, but it would have to be the right situation and it would have to be close enough. “

·         Another great story involves a Wash High athletics banquet a few weeks ago. Montecalvo brought Canon-McMillan assistant principal Heath Bailey, who played basketball at Robert Morris and coached at Wilkinsburg. He wanted to show Bailey what the Washington community is all about….” I've been telling him how the Washington community is just a little different than most communities with the demographic makeup that they have. He came to that banquet and I know he was awestruck by the genuine love and support that the community members - whether they be someone in a job where they make a lot of money or someone who lives in relative poverty - how they become one over athletics. I told (Bailey) how unique it was and after he experienced that, he marveled at the uniqueness of the community and their support of their teams and their love one another.”

What others are saying:
“We always had a great working relationaship. He really would set us up for basketball season because you could always count on him getting the kinds in shape and in a winning tradition mode. When they came in to basketball the work on that end was easy.”
-Ron Faust, Wash High boys basketball coach

“He’s definitely through in everything he does. One of the things people don’t know about Mr. Montecalvo is he wasn’t a specialized athlete. He wasn an athlete who excelled in several different sports and his passion for different sports carried over to his job.”
-Frank Zebrasky, C-M baseball and girls basketball coach

“Canon-McMillan was very fortunate to have an athletic director like Guy Montecalvo. He will be truly missed. He had every coach’s bak and he had the best interest of all the sports and all the kids. The kids love him, my staff respected him and he was always visible.”
-Chris Mary, former C-M wrestling coach

“He’s a mentor to me through and through. He’s behind all of the programs and treats them equally. He’s taught me a lot of lessons. I never wanted to let him down. That’s the type of leder he is. He was always there for me, even through the bad times.”
-Michele Moeller, C-M softball coach

“Obviously his accolades and successes speak for themselves. It’s always nice as a head coach to have an athletic director that has head coaching experience. He was always understanding. I don’t think there’s any question that he will be missed.”
-Rick Bell, C-M boys basketball coach

“He is a very disciplined person and is a man of many words. Guy believes that you should be a man of your word and a man of character. If you coached with him, you understand that he expects the unexpected and always planned for it. There are few like him.”

-George Robinson, Montecalvo's assistant coach for 30 years

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